UPDATE: Research Guide on International Health Law

By Chenglin Liu

Chenglin Liu is an Assistant Professor of Law at St. Mary's University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas.  Professor Liu is the author of Chinese Law on SARS (New York: W.S. Hein 2004), which is held by over 100 law libraries worldwide.

Published January/February 2010
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Key Definitions

Basic Documents- Treaties of International Health Law  

Online Sources on Public Emergency Preparedness and Response

Selected Bibliography on International Health Law (Books and Articles)



Globalization is no longer an abstract concept but an absolute reality that pervades every aspect of modern life. The interconnectedness of so many countries and places has led to a sharing of both prosperity and disaster on an unprecedented scale, as evidenced by the recent economic crisis. Globalization has also enabled the spread of diseases at an astounding speed, turning local epidemics into worldwide epidemics. SARS, avian flu and swine flu are but a few of the recent scares that have spread throughout the world at alarming speeds. This research guide provides information about the general trends in global diseases and legal efforts against them, effects on trade and human rights law, and legal research in International Health Law. A selected bibliography is available at the end of this research guide.


Key Definitions

(CDC Glossary)

Basic Documents-Treaties of International Health Law

Online Sources on Public Emergency Preparedness and Response

 Selected Bibliography on International Health Law

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