Part 2: Philippine Legal Information Resources and Citations


By Milagros Santos-Ong


Milagros Santos-Ong is the Director of Library Services for the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

Published July 2005


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A. Books and Other Published Legal Materials

A.i Reference Materials

A.i.1 Dictionaries

A.i.2 International Treaties

A.ii Form Books      

A.iii Statutory Law

A.iii.1 Statutory Law Books – Compilation

A.iii.2 Statute Finder (Index)

A.iii.3 Administrative Rules and Regulations

A.iv Case Law/ Jurisprudence

A.iv.1 Case/Court Reports

A.iv.2 Case Finders (Digest and Index, etc.)

A.v Treatise/Annotations/Commentaries, etc.

A.v.1 Civil Law

A.v.2 Commercial Law

A.v.3 Criminal Law

A.v.4 Environmental Law

A.v.5 Labor Law

A.v.6 Legal and Judicial Ethics

A.v.7 Legal Medicine and Other Medical Laws Legal Philosophy

A.vii Legal Research and Writing

A.viii Political Law

A.viii.1 Constitution

A.viii.2 International Law

A.viii.3 Civil Procedure

A.viii.4 Criminal Procedure

A.viii.5 Muslim Law

A.ix Statutory Construction

A.x Taxation

B. Electronic Sources

C. Philippine Legal Publishers

D. Philippine Legal Citations


The Philippine Legal System is a unique blend of civil law (Roman), common law (Anglo-American), muslim (Islamic) and indigenous law. Laws and jurisprudence since the first Philippine Republic are applicable until they are repealed or superceded.  The increasing numbers of laws and jurisprudence are found in books (reference materials, treatises, commentaries and annotations) and electronic resources.  There is thus a need for those in search of Philippine legal information and materials to know what are these materials and where they be obtained.


In law, these latest legal information/materials must be readily available not only to the legal profession but to the public as well.   Electronic resources are the answer to:


a. The need for complete and up-to-date (or the latest) legal information.   Publishing or printing of books in the Philippines take time.  The primary sources for laws and jurisprudence (case law) are published by the Philippines’ National Printing Office.  To remedy the slow publication of jurisprudence (case law), the printing and publication of the Philippine Reports (compilation of Supreme Court decision) was transferred tot the Supreme Court in 1983.  On the other hand for laws,   Executive Order No. 200 s. 1986 promulgated by President Corazon C. Aquino on June 18, 1987.   This Executive Order amended Article 2 of the Civil Code which provides that “laws shall take effect after fifteen days following the completion of their publication in the Official Gazette.”  With Executive Order No. 200, “Laws shall take effect fifteen days following the completion of their publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of General Circulation.  The Official Gazette is published by the National Printing Office which makes it as a primary source. 


b. Lack of the complete and up-to-date research tool (indexes, citatory, digest) for both laws and jurisprudence.


c. Laws and jurisprudence in force in the early 1900s and are still considered as good law are already too fragile.  Publishing books in electronic from has started.   


The books and electronic sources are regularly updated.  In this regard, only the latest edition of   books and those published from 1990’s to the latest are included.  Those with asterisk (*) mark are available from the Philippine publishers (C).   Books older than the 1990’s    are included were written by Philippine legal authorities or legal luminaries and/or important laws and issuances.







·       *Agpalo, Ruben. Agpalo’s Legal Words and Phrases. Manila: Rex Book Store  (1997) 802p.

·       *Barriatos, Nicolas. Glossary  of Philippine Industrial Relations Terms and Phrases: A Compilation. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2006)

·*Bernardo, Oscar. Dictionary of Evidence. 2d ed. Mandaluyong City: National Book Store (2005) 144p.

·       *Cruz, Isagani. Correct Choice of Words by Justice Isagani A. Cruz and Justice Camilo D. Quiason. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2003) 443p.

·       * Cruz, Isagani.  Idiomatic Expressions by Justice Isagani A. Cruz and Justice Camilo D. Quiason. Manila: Rex Book Store (1999) 617p.

·       Gamboa, Melquiades. Dictionary of International Law and Diplomacy. Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (1973) 351p.

·       Isidro, Romeo. Philippine Labor Dictionary.  Manila: National Book Store (1966) 113p.

·       Jardiniano, P.F. Dictionary of Philippine Labor  Comp. & Edited by P.F. Jardiniano and N.S. Tayag. Manila: Rex Book Store  (1997)  249.

·       *Khan, Ismael. Everybody’s Dictionary of Philippine Law.  Manila: C & E (2007)

·       *Lee,  German. Handbook of Legal Maxims. 2nd Rev. Ed. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (1998) 215p.

·       *Lim. Dictionary of Terms and Phrases in Taxation. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2008)

·       *Llanes, Emilio. A Compilation of Legal Maxims (With Latin Proverbs). Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (2006) 164p.

·       *Moreno, Federico. Philippine Law Dictionary. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2000)

·       Nolledo, Jose. Dictionary of Legal Terms (1967)

·       *Salao, Ernesto. Law Dictionary. .  Manila: Rex Book Store  (2004) 226p.

·       *Sibal, Jose Agaton. Philippine Legal Encyclopedia. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (1986)

·       Tayag, Tiopancio,  Cesario. Dictionary of Insurance Terms and Phrases (1986)

·**Tubid, Proceso.  Dictionary of Forensic Science Terms: Fingerprints, Abnormalities in Dermatoglyphics, Police Photography, Firearms identification, Question Documents and Polygraph. Manila: Rex Book Store (2001) 54p.

·       Ulep, Mauricio. Latin Words and Phrases for Lawyers and Students.  Manila: Rex Book Store  (2006)

·       Villaroman, Noel. Compendium of Terms and Phrases on Human Rights. Q.C.: U.P. Law Center, Institute of Human Rights (2002) 235p.





                  Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 800p.

                Business and Conveyencing. Manila: The Lawyers Cooperative Pub.(1926) 1118p

         and Conveyencing.  Manila: The Lawyers Cooperative Pub. (1948) 1027p.

         Q.C.:   Central Book Supply (1967) 214p.

          Store   (1994) 289p.


2 vols.






A.iii.2 STATUTE FINDER (Index)



Administrative agencies and other government instrumentalities have their own regulations

and regulations which are generally not published. To get the latest text of these regulations, one has to go to the specific government agencies now available thru their websites.


The following are alternate sources:






A.iv.2 CASE FINDERS (Digest and Index, etc.)






Bar Reviewers on Civil Law




Conflicts of Law


Credit Transactions


Family Code and Persons

           Supply (2006)


Muslim Personal Laws


Land Titles and Deeds


Bar Reviewer in Land titles and Deeds

·       *Agcaoili, Oswaldo.  Bar Reviewer on Property Registration Decree and Related Proceedings. Manila: Rex Book Store (2008)


a. Agrarian Reform

·       Agustin, Venerando L. Agrarian Reform Law. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (1990) 462p.

·       *Aralar, Reynaldo B. Agrarian Reform, Cooperatives and Taxation.  Mandaluyong: National Book Store (2004) 399p.

·       *Barte, Recaredo. Law on Agrarian Reform. Manila: Rex Book Store (2003) 529p.

·       *Cruz, Ml.  Kung Bakit Daplis Ang Carp. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2008)

·       *De Leon, Hector. Textbook on Agrarian Reform and Taxation (With Cooperatives. 13th ed. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005) 453p.

·       German, Milagros A. Administrative Order and Executive Issuances in Implementing P.D. No. 27 and CARL-RA 6657 from 1988 to 1994. Manila: National Book Store (1996) 776p.

·       German, Milagros A. The Revised Rules of Procedure in the Litigation of Agrarian Cases by the DAR Under the CARL – 1988 and Special Agrarian Courts: With Commentaries.  Manila: National Book Store (1992) 222p.

·       German, Milagros A. Rulings from the SCRA in Agrarian Cases: Annotated from July 3, 1993 to January 5, 1998 With the Latest Trends in Substantive and Procedural Law-Agrarian Reform.  Mandaluyong City: National Book Store (2000) 229p.

·       German, Milagros A. Share and Leasehold Tenancy in R.A. No. 1199 and R.A. No. 3844 as Amended, Annotated With Commentaries and the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law R.A. No. 6657.  Manila: National Book Store (1995) 153p.

·       *Hernandez, Eduardo. Landowners Rights Under the Agrarian Reform  Program. Q.C. : Central Book  Supply, Inc.   (2004)  545p.

·       Jarapa, Sison Q. Taxation agrarian reform and cooperatives by S.Q. Jarapa, Rafael B.  Perez, tito S. Segarra. Rev. Ed. Manila: Rex Book Store (1990)  209p.

·       Joven, Jose R. Agrarian Reform Laws in the Philippine Setting With Supreme Court Decisions on Agrarian Cases.  Manila: Rex Book Store (1992) 285p.

·       Nolledo, Jose N. Principles of Agrarian Reform, Cooperatives and Taxation.  19th Rev. Ed.  Mnadaluyong City: National Book Store (2000) 906p.

·       *Nolledo, Mercedita S. The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law of 1988 as Amended; With Introductory Features with R.A. No. 8532. Rev. Ed. Mandaluyong City: National Book Store (2004) 80p.

·       *Rodriguez, Rufus. Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law Annotated. Q.C.: Central Professional Books, Inc.  (2004) 350p.

·       Study of the Capability of the Administrative and Quasi-Judicial Machinery in the Speedy Disposition of Agrarian Cases. Q.C.: U.P. Law Center, Institute of Judicial Administration (1996) 273p.

·       *Suarez, Rolando. Agrarian Reform and Social Legislation. Manila: Rex Book Store (2001)  444p.

·       Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law; Republic Act 6657 as Amended and Related Laws.  Comp. & edited   by the CBS Editorial Staff. Q.C.: Central Books Supply (2004) 


b. Natural Resources

·       *Agcaoili, Oswaldo The Law on Natural Resources. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007) 581p.

·       *Agpalo, Ruben. The Law on Natural Resources. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 778p.

·       *Oposa, Antonio. The Laws of Nature and other Stories. Muntinlupa City: Law of Nature Foundation  (2003) 404p.

·       * Oposa, Antonio. A Legal Arsenal for the Philippine Environment.  Muntinlupa City: Batas at Kalikasan Foundation (2002) 792p.

·       Pena, Narciso. Philippine Law on Natural Resources.  Manila: Rex Book Store (1997) 447p.

·       Philippine Mining Act of 1995 and Related Laws Comp. & edited   by the CBS Editorial Staff.   Q.C.: Central Books Supply (1998) 352p.

·       *Public Land Act, Revised Forestry Code and related Laws Comp. & edited   by the CBS Editorial Staff.  13th ed. Q.C.: Central Books Supply (2008) 344p.


Obligations and Contracts

·       *Agpalo, Ruben. Obligations and Contracts.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2008) 512p.

·       *Aquino, Leticia A. Philippine Law on Obligations and Contracts.   Q.C.: Central Books Supply  (2006) 315p.

·       Austria, Salvador. Fundamentals of Obligations and Contracts by S. Austria and Timoteo B. Aquino. 2d ed.  Q.C.: Central Books Supply  (2006) 302p.

·       *De Leon, Hector.  Comments and Cases on Obligations and Contracts.  4th ed. Manila: Rex Book Store (2003)  914p.

·       *De Leon, Hector. Law on Obligations and Contracts. Manila: Rex Book Store (2008)   459p.

·       Fernandez, Bartolome. Treaties on Government Contracts Under Philippine Law. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2003)

·       *Jurado, Desiderio. Comments and Jurisprudence on Obligations and Contracts. 11th ed. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2002)  675p.

·       *Lat, Igmedio.  Law on Mortgage. Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (2001)

·       Luna, Miguela. The Law on Obligations and Contracts.  Rev. Ed. Manila: National Book Store (1995) 252p.

·       Nolledo, Mercedita. Handbook on Obligations and Contracts for commerce Students.  Mandaluyong: National Book Store  (2004) 505p.

·       Paulino, Benjamin P. The Philippine Law on Obligations and Contracts.  Q.C.: Central Book Supply (1993) 284p.

·       Pineda, Ernesto. Obligations and Contracts. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2000) 699p.

·       *Sta. Maria, Melencio. Obligations and Contracts: Texts and Cases. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2003) 544p.

·       *Torres, Justo.  Obligations and Contracts.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2003) 355p.










Torts and Damages




Bar Reviewers in Commercial Law

·       *Aquino, Timoteo. Reviewer on Commercial Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006)

·       Balbastro, Arturo. Commercial Law Reviewer.  Manila: Lee & Sons (1994) 505p.

·       *Balbastro, Arturo. Reviewer in Commercial Law. 3d. ed.   (2006) 646p.

·       *Cahayon. Essentials of Business Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006)

·       *Co Untian. Mercantile Law Digest; A Compact Reviewer in Commercial Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007) 328p.

·       *De Leon, Hector.  Comprehensive Review on Business Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2002)

·       Miravite, Lorenzo. Commercial Law Reviewer (2005)

·       *Perez, Hernando. Quizzer on Corporate Code,  Securities Code. Manila: Rex Book Store (2000)

·       Nolledo, Jose. Commercial Law Reviewer. Manila: Rex Book Store (1991)   1339p.

·       *Perez, Hernando. Quizzer on Negotiable and Related Laws . Manila: Rex Book Store (2001). 242p.

·       Perez, Hernando. Reviewer on Insurance, Insolvency and Code of Commerce. Manila: Rex Book Store (2000) 150p.

·       Sundiang, Jose. Commercial Law Reviewer. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2003) 401p.

·       Sundiang, Jose . Reviewer in Commercial Law by J. Sundiang  and  Timoteo  Aquino. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 433p.

·       *Villanueva, Cesar.     Commercial Law Reviewer.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2007) 1611p.









          ( 2000)  298p.

·       *Insurance Code of 1978: the Insolvency Law With Related Laws and Reference of Case.  Comp. & Edited by CBSI Editorial Staff.  5th ed.  .  Q.C.: Central Books Supply  (1993) 216p.


Intellectual Property

·       Amador,  Vicente. Intellectual Property Fundamentals. Q.C.: C & E (2007) 781p.


Negotiable Instruments

·       *Negotiable Instruments Law Consumer Related Laws. Comp.& Edited by CBSI Editorial Staff (1999)


Securities Law






          Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2008) 466p.

 (1987-89) 4v.


Bar Reviewers in Criminal Law




Anti-Money Laundering


Bouncing Checks


Dangerous Drugs




Sexual Violence, Juvenile Delinquency etc





          (2006) 267p.

          (2000) 556p.

          Mandaluyong City: National Book Store (2005-2006) 2vols.


Bar Reviewers in  Labor and  Social Legislation




Bar Reviewers in Legal and Judicial Ethics

·       *Albano. Ed  Vincent.  Bar Reviewer in Legal Ethics. Manila: Rex Book Store (2004)

·       Bautista, Rose Maria.  Bar Reviewer in Legal and Judicial Ethics and Practical Exercises in the Three Parts With Annotations.  Q.C.: UP Law Center (1991)

·       Bautista, Rose Maria. The Elements of  Legal and Judicial Ethics With Practical Exercises: Annotations and Bar Questions and Answers . Antipolo: Castle King Printing  (1998) 312p.   

·       *Mendoza, Vicente V..  Judicial Reviewer. Manila: Rex Book Store (2004)

·       *Pano, Ernani.  Bar Reviewer in Legal and Judicial Ethics. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005)

·       *Salvador Bernardo Jr. Bar Reviewer in Remedial Law and Legal Ethics.  Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2004) 288p.


Bar Examination

·       *Abuel, Janet.  Bar Review Methods and Techniques: With Reproduced Actual Author’s Answers in the 1998 Bar Examinations.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2003)  88p.

·       *De Castro, Arturo. Recent Legislation and Jurisprudence in All Bar Subjects. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007)

·       *De Castro, Arturo. Study Guide for the Bar. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 469p.

·       *Gupit, Fortunato. Passing the Bar. Manila: Rex Book Store. Manila: Rex Book Store (1983)

·       *Medina, Rohan. A Guide in Taking the Bar Examinations.  Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2005) 140p.

·       *Maambong, Regalado. Basic Guidelines for Bar Candidates and Law Students. Q.C.: Paramount Consultancy (2006) 164p.

·       * Mison, Siegfred.  8 Performance Boosters To Conquer  Any Law Exam: Not Just the Bar Exam.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2008) 58p.

·       *Pacas, Denis . Bar Tips: Observations, Principles and Techniques in Preparing for the Bar Examinations . Manila: Rex Book Store (2003) 175p.

·       *PALS Suggested Answers in the 2005 Bar Examination. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005)

·       *PALS Suggested Answers in the 2006 Bar Examination. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006)

·       *PALS Suggested Answers in the 2007 Bar Examination. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007

·       *Rodriguez, Rufus. Common Sources of Bar Questions. Manila: Rex Book Store (2000)

·       * Rodriguez, Rufus.. Slaying the Bar Exam Dragon. Manila: Rex Book Store (2002) 182p.



·       Maligaya, Renato. Legal Medicine. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007) 647p.

·       *Ng, Peter. Forensic Science. Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (2007)

·       *Ng, Peter. Health Laws of the Philippines. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2006) 732p.

·       *Ng, Peter.  Legal and Clinical Bases of Psychological Incapacity. Q.C.: Central Book   

           Supply (2006)

·       *Ng, Peter. Medical Laws and Jurisprudence; Legal Aspects of Medical Practice. Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (2005) 654p

·       *Olarte, Leo.  Legal Medicine. Q.C.: Central Book Supply  (2006)  484p.

·       Solis, Pedro. Legal Medicine.  Q.C.: R.P. Garcia (1987) 778p.

·       Nolledo. Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997.  Mandaluyong City: National Book Store (2000)

·       Asprer, Gundena. Dental Jurisprudence and Regulation Code  of the Practice of Medicina in the Philippines.  Manila: Rex Book Store (1990) 405p.

·       Joven, Jose. Dental Jurisprudence and Ethics: A Primer-Reviewer.  Manila: Rex Book Store (1993) 336p.

·       Dascil, Robert. The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 Explained by R. Dascil and David Robert Aquino.. Manila: Rex Book Store (2003) 151p.

·       *Tubid, Proceso.  Dictionary of Forensic Science Terms: Fingerprints, Abnormalities in Dermatoglyphics, Police Photography, Firearms identification, Question Documents and Polygraph. Manila: Rex Book Store (2001) 54p.

·       Medicine, Nursing, Medical Technology, Midwifery, Dental, Optometry Laws in the Philippines and Related Laws.  Comp & Ed.  by CBS Editorial Staff. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2006) LEGAL PHILOSOPHY

·       *Aquino, Ranhilio. A Philosophy of Law: An Introduction to Legal Philosophy. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2006)   220p.

·       *Coquia, Jorge.  Readings in Legal Philosophy. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005) 246p.

·       Pascual, Crisolito.  Introduction to Legal Philisophy. Q.C.: UP Law Center (1997) 572p.

·       Rodriguez, Rufus. Introduction to Law. Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc.   (2001) 193p.

·       Santiago, Miriam. History and Philosophy: The Great Philosophers. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2003) 351p.

·       Santiago, Miriam. Philosophy and Religion: Western and Easter Religions.  Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2003) 459p.

·       Santiago, Miriam. Political Philosophy (2003)

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·       Suarez, Rolando. Introduction to Law. 4th ed. Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc.   (2003) 311p.



·       *Abad. Fundamentals of Legal Writing. Manila: Rex Book Store (2004)

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·       *Javines, Francisco. Legal Writing. Manila: Rex Book Store (1993)

·       Jimenez. Legal Writing.(19)

·       *Rodriguez, Rufus. Legal Research. Manila: Rex Book Store (2002) 234p.

·       *Santos-Ong, Milagros. Philippine Legal Research. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2007)

·       *Ulep, Mariano. Basic Legal Writing. Manila: Rex Book Store (2002)

·       Vitangol, Al S. III.  Legal Research in Practice. Manila St. VLA Pub. Systems (2005)

·       Vitangcol, Al S. III. Technolawgy: A Lawyer’s Guide to Information Technology to the Practice of Law. Manila St. VLA Pub. Systems (2004) 223p.






a. 1987 Constitution

·       *Bernas, Joaquin. The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2003). 2v.

·       *Bernas, Joaquin. The 1987 Philippine Constitution 2008 Supplement. Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc.  (2008)

·       *Bernas, Joaquin. The 1987 Constitution: A Comprehensive Review. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006)

·       Bernas, Joaquin, The Intent of the 1987 Constitution. Manila: Rex Book Store (1995) 1266p.

·       Bernas, Joaquin. The Philippine Constitution for Ladies, Gentlemen and Others. Manila: Rex Book Store (2007) 325p.

·       *Cruz, Isagani. Constitutional Law. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2007) 503p.

·       De Leon, Hector. Constitution Made Simple. Manila: Rex Book Store (2003)

·       De Leon, Hector. Philippine Constitutional Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2003- 2004)

        2 vols.

·       De Leon, Hector. Textbook on the Philippine Constitution. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005) 530p.

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·       Suarez, Rolando. Principles, Comments and Cases in Constitutional Law. (1999-2000). 

       2 vols.

·       Taro, Fe Anonuevo. The 1987 Constitution of the  Philippines (1989).

·       The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines Comp. and Edited by Rex Staff (2005).


b. Provisional/Freedom Constitution (Proclamation No. 3, s. 1986)


c. 1973 Constitution


d. 1935 Constitution


e. Comparative

       Philippine Constitutions. Q.C. UP Law Center  (1999)  218p.


Treaties, Commentaries and Annotations    


Bar Reviewer in Political Law

·       *Albano, Ed Vincent. Political Law Reviewer Law by E.Albano, Ed Vincent Albano Jr. ,  Myla  Albano and Ed. Vincent Albano III.  Manila: Rex Book Store (2008) 1134p.

·       Bernas, Joaquin. The 1973 Constitution: A Primer-Reviewer. Manila: Rex Book Store (1983)  215p.

·       *Bernas, Joaquin. The 1987 Philippine Constitution: A Comprehensive Reviewer. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 506p.


Administrative Law       


Citizenship and Immigration Laws

·       *Ledesma, Ronaldo. An Outline of Philippine Immigration and Citizenship Laws; Vital Documents.  Manila: Rex Book Store, Inc.  (2006)  3v.

·       *Ledesma, Ronaldo. Manual on the Alien Registration. Manila: Rex Book Store (1999)


Election Law


A.viii.2 International Law



Local Government


Remedial Law

Manila: Supreme Court (1999) 563p.


Bar Reviewer in Remedial Law

·       Abuel, Janet. Bar Review Methods and Technique. Manila: Rex Book Store  (2003) 88p.

·       *Agranzamendez, Reynaldo. Questions and Answers in Remedial Law: 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, 1991 Revised Rule on Summary Procedure, Revised Katarungang Pambarangay Law, Rule on the Writ of Habeas Corpus, Rule on the Writ of Amparo, Rule on the Writ  o f  Habeas Data. Manila: Rex Book Store (2008) 534p.

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·       *Bautista, Antonio. Quizzer in Remedial Law. Manila: Rex Book Store (2005)

·       Feria, Jose Y. The 1997 Rules on Civil Procedure; Provisional Remedies

·       and Special Civil Actions; A Reviewer-Primer with Annotations & Updates (2007)

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·          (2001)

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·       **Salvador Bernardo Jr. Bar Reviewer in Remedial Law and Legal Ethics.  Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2004) 288p.








Special Proceedings


Summary Procedure

Procedure. Manila: Rex Book Store (1997)  133p.




Bar Reviewer in Muslim Law


Others Specific Procedural Law


Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation


Appeals, Certiorari, etc






Trial Technique and Practice






Bar Reviewer in  Taxation

·       *Bisquera, Joe-Santos. Bar Reviewer in Taxation. Q.C.: Central Book Supply (2007) 715p.

·       *De Leon, Hector. Comprehensive Review in Taxation.  6th Ed. Manila: Rex Book Store (2000) 486p.

·       *Dizon, Efren Vincent. Outline on Taxation. Manila: Rex Book Store (2006) 469p.

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(2006)  530p.

(1999) 2v.

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(1994) 1008p.

·       *Sababan, Francis. Taxation Law Review. Manila: Rex Book Store (2008) 453p.


Income Taxation


Tariff and Customs Code


Others Special topics in Tax






I.  Philippine On-Line Sources

a. Supreme Court E-Library-The E-Library aims to be the primary research tool in the speedy delivery of justice.  It will serve the entire judiciary – Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Sandigabayan, Court of Tax Appeals, and the lower courts.  This E-Library will eventually be opened to those outside the judiciary.  It includes all the sources of law, and all Philippine legal materials digitized from primary sources as reflected in its directory:


b. LAW OFFICES  -  Some have online  resource centers accessible to the public  such as:



Arellano Law Foundation






 a. Access Law


b. !e-library! A Century & 4 Years of Philippine Supreme Court Decisions 1901- April 2004. 

     Research & Development Department, Agoo Computer College, Agoo, La Union


c. i-LAW Instant CD – Supreme Court Decisions from 1901 to February 2005


d. CD Asia Technologies Inc.  


Lex Libris is the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of legal research in CD-ROM. 


The LEX LIBRIS series of legal publications on CD-ROM currently has eleven volumes.

·       Vol. 1     LAWS  — The most extensive compilation of official Philippine laws on CD ROM. Featured in this publication are full-text versions of the Philippine Constitutions, Republic Acts, Mga Batas Pambansa, Presidential Decrees, Executive Orders, Presidential Proclamations and Letters of Instructions. 

·       Vol. 2    TAXATION - The most comprehensive reference  on  which  contains the rulings, opinions, memoranda, circulars, VAT Rulings and official acts of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, as well as international tax treaties and local tax ordinances.  Also included here are related laws, decisions of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Tax Appeals, as well as executive issuance’s.

·       Vol. 3    JURISPRUDENCE (The Supreme Court Reports) —  The decisions of the Supreme Court  from 1901.   Patterned after the Philippine Reports  it  also contains the text of available case syllabi and synopses.

·       Vol. 4    DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE -  Complete collection of the Opinions of the Secretary  from 1939 to present.

·        Vol. 5   LOCAL AUTONOMY AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT —  A compilation of laws, and jurisprudence, policy issuances on local autonomy and local government.

·       Vol. 6    ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES — Most comprehensive collection of  laws and jurisprudence  on the subject  including policy issuances and decisions, permits and licenses and tenurial instruments  gathered from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and its attached agencies.

·       Vol. 7    LABOR AND SOCIAL LEGISLATION — Contains related laws, jurisprudence and  issuances from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and related agencies.

·       Vol. 8    ELECTIONS — Contains election related laws and jurisprudence and  resolutions and issuances of the Commission on Elections.  Also included are  decisions, Implementing rules and regulations of Electoral Tribunals. Similarly featured is a list of Philippine municipalities,  barangays  and election pricints.

·       Vol. 9    TRADE COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY —Most comprehensive collection of references  on Trade, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Insurance and Intellectual Property.  Contains a compilation of pertinent Supreme Court decisions, laws, issuances of various agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry, Board of Investments, Department of Finance, Bureau of Customs, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Stock Exchange, and other related government offices.

·       Vol. 10                    SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION -  contains  compilation of Opinions, En Banc, SICD and PEC decisions, orders, rules and regulations, circulars and memoranda of the  SEC.  Also included are related laws and jurisprudence.

·       Vol. 11 FAMILY LAW –  Compilation of references on persons and family relations including  related laws, jurisprudence, international treaties and agreements  and issuances and publications of the National Commission on the Role of the Filipino Women (NCRFW)


Other Titles:

·       LEX LIBRIS STUDENT EDITION. The Lex Libris Student Edition – A collection of legal information  based on  subjects  in all levels of the  Philippine law school  curriculum.

·       BANGKO SENTRAL NG PILIPINAS – In collaboration with the  Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,  it is a compilation of  Laws and issuances  related to Banking, BSP Manuals of Regulations for Banks and Financial Intermediaries, and BSP Memorandum Circulars, Orders, Letters, Notices and other Regulations.

·       THE NATIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGISTER (1990 TO 2000). A compilation of Rules and   Regulations from different administrative agencies and bureaus filed with the Office of the National Administrative Register as required by the 1987 Revised Administrative Code

·       PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1986 CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION. Contains the Records and Journals of the 1986 Constitutional Commission with related issuances.

·       IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS AGAINST PRES. JOSEPH E. ESTRADA. Contains the transcript of the historic impeachment proceedings against former president Joseph E. Estrada.

·       DEPARTMENT OF AGRARIAN REFORM LEGAL INFORMATION SYSTEM – In collaboration with the Department of Agrarian Reform, contains a compilation of opinions, memoranda, circulars, and vital documents  of the DAR and laws  and jurisprudence on the subject.

·       BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE LEGAL INFORMATION SYSTEM -  In collaboration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue, contains a compilation of BIR rulings and other issuances of the Bureau and  tax-related laws and jurisprudence.

·       COMPENDIUM OF PHILIPPINE CUSTOMS LAWS AND REGULATIONS.  Customs related laws and other issuances including the Bureau of Customs Corporate Plan and Corporate Manual of Procedure.

·       Sarmiento, Ulpiano III. Education Law and the Private Schools

·       Te, Theodore. Philippine  Judicial and Legal Forms




I. Institutional Publishers

·       National Printing Office

·       Supreme Court of the Philippines

·       University of the Philippines Law Center


II. Commercial Publishers

·       Anvil Publications

·       C & E Publishers

·       Central Books Supply/Central Professional Books/Central Lawbook Supply

·       National Book Store

·       Rex Book  Store Legal Materials


Some Authors print their own books.  At times, they may be available at the Central Book Supply and/or Rex Book Store





Considering all the sources of Philippine legal information from the 1900s to present, uniform standard of Philippine citation is needed for clarity, and consistency.  Each individual has his own style and preference in legal research and writing.   


There are available manuals of legal citation as a guide in citing  Philippine legal information namely:

·       The University of the Philippines’   Philippine Manual of Legal Citations by Myrna S. Feliciano   (5th ed. 1999)

·        Supreme Court’s Manual of Judicial Writing (2005). 

·       Ateneo De Manila School of Law through its Ateneo Law Journal came out with its  version of the  Legal Citation Primer (2008) 33p.


The legal citation provided below took into consideration the complexity of Philippine legal information and a standard for to conform to both international and Philippine citations.


Sources of Law


a.      Statutes

a.1. Constitution


Cited by reference to the article, section and the paragraph.  For both manual, the year is placed in parenthesis when the Constitution is no longer in force. 




Const.  (1935),  Art. VIII,  Sec.  1

Const.  (1973),  Art. X,  Sec. 1

Const,  (1987)Art. VIII,  Sec. 1


Other legal citations provide that  when the current law is cited, the date is not included.  Taking into consideration the number of times the Philippine Constitution was revised, it is important  to include the date.  At present, there is a move to revised again the Philippine Constitution either through a Constitutional Convention (Con-Com)  or a Constitutional Assembly (Con-Ass)


a.2. Statutes proper

Laws passed by the Legislative Department from 101 to present are cited as follows:


a.2.1   Laws 1901-1934

Act No. 136 (1901)


a.2.2.  Commonwealth Acts, 1935-1945


Com. Act No. 35 (1935)


a.2.3.  Republic Acts, 1946-1972, 1987-present

Rep. Act No.   88 (1946)


a.2.4.  Presidential Decrees, September 21, 1972 – February 1986

Pres. Decree No.  442 (1972)


a.2.b.  Batas Pambansa,  January 1979- February 1, 1986

Batas Blg. 129 (1980)


a.3. Treaties

Cited by the name of the treaty and the date when the  treaty was signed Philippines Extradition Treaty  with the United States, November 27, 1981.

8 PTS 978      - Source


8 cited in the source represents the volume number of the  Philippine Treaty Series and 978 is the page where the  treaty was  printed.


a.4.  Executive/Presidential Issuances

Presidential issuances are cited  by the number of the issuance and followed by  the date  of issuance.  The date  is important for each year, the number      starts with  the first number (No. 1)


a.4.1  Executive Orders

Exec. Order No.  200 (1986)


a.4.2. Proclamations

Proc. No. 1081 (1972)


a.4.3. Administrative Orders

Adm. Order No. 200  (2005)


a.4.4   There are  special presidential issuances under  Martial law  as follows


a.4.4..1    General Orders

Gen. Order No. 1 (1972)


a.4.4.2  Letters of Instructions

L.O.I.  No. 2 (1972)


a.4.4.3 Letters of Implementation

L.O. Impl. No. 1 (1972)


a.4.4.4. Letters of Authority

L.O.A. No. 1 (1972)


a.5. Administrative Rules and Regulations


Government offices and agencies promulgate their own rules and regulations.  They are cited by the abbreviation of the name of each agency, followed by the name of the specific rule or regulation. 


Administrative Order  No. 1 promulgated by the Department of Energy on January 5, 2006 is thus cited as:   DOE Adm. Order No. 1 (2006)


SC Adm. Order No. 1 (2005) is the citation for Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 1  adopted  in 2005.


a.6  Ordinances

The laws passed by the  city, municipal  or provincial government (local government) are  in the form of ordinances.  They are cited by providing the name of the    city, municipality or the province, followed by the ordinance number and the date.  Example:  City ordinance no. 1 of the city of Manila   passed on June 21, 2004 is cited as :  Manila Ordinance No. 1,  June 21, 2004.


a.7.  Court  Rules

The Rules of Court is cited  like any ordinary code by its name, followed by the  rule number and section.   Example:  Rule of Court, Rule 14, sec.1


The Supreme Court through the proposal of the  Committee of Revision of Rules Courts been amended the Rules of Court  by subject, such as Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Special Proceedings.  They are now cited by said amendments as follows:

·       Criminal Procedure, Rule 115, se. 1  (2000) 

·       Civil Procedure, Rule  70, sec. 1 (1997)


b.      Court Decisions

b.1. Court decisions are cited by the family name of the parties, the volume number, Court Report title, page of the court report,  and the year of  promulgation in parenthesis.


Example :    Ong v. Court of Appeals, 399 Phil. 686 (2000)


Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority v. Chiongbian, 399 Phil. 695 (2000)


Exception this the general rule are Islamic, Chinese names which are cited in full.  Those with Christian first names follow the general rule.


Example:   Sy Chin v. Tang Ching Heng & Co., 399 Phil. 442 (2000)


Court decisions  from the Supreme Court down to the lower courts can be identified through their case number cited  as follows:

1. Court decisions     -  G.R. No.  ____ date of promulgation

2. Supreme Court of Appeals decisions  - C.A.-G.R. NO. ______-R, CV, CR or SP, date of promulgation

3. Sadiganbayan decisions       - Sandiganbayan Crim Case No. _____ date of promulgation

4. Metropolitan Trial Courts   -   Me TC (Place & Branch No.)  Civil or Criminal Case No. ____________, date of promulgation

People v. Santiago,  Me TC  (Quezon City,  Branch II) Crim. Case No. 4444, May 10, 2005

5. Municipal Trial Court s and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts decisions MTC or MCTC (Place) Criminal or Civil Case No.______, date of promulgation

6. Shari’ah District and Circuit Courts – Shari’ah Dist/Circ. Ct. (Place)  Case no. , date of promulgation


b.2. Administrative decisions

Cited by the name of the agency (abbreviated form), case number and date of promulgation 



Santos v. Dizon, CSC Adm. Case No. 12345, January 6, 2006